About us

Celebrating Food with Flavoursome Passion

With an objective to create a restaurant that innovatively captures the essence of flavours from around the world and re-creates them on a plate, Pippin Hot was established in May 2016. The restaurant is a result of the creative and business genius of Mr. Vivek, who has successfully owned restaurants since the last 5 years. His other restaurants Wok Twist and Fusion of Flavours are a huge success in Dubai. Vivek’s prior experience in the hotel industry gives him the edge to cater to his customers in a unique and charming way. We want to offer a truly memorable experience at Pippin Hot. An experience that joyfully celebrates the diversity of fresh ingredients, cooked with passion and imagination. The contemporary menu at Pippin Hot uniquely utilizes seasonal produce and draws inspiration from the best of Italy, Asia and China. Along with a focus on taste, the chefs also ensure a prominent texture and contrast in the food, delivering a truly refined gourmet meal! The in-house pizzas and pastas, quality appetizers, speciality Asian and Chinese dishes will take your taste buds on a virtual tour around the world! Sit back and relax at the urban and distinctive ambience while our professional staff extend genuine hospitality and guide you through the entire dining experience.

Our Speciality


A Cheesy Rendezvous

Pippin Hot brings the true flavours of Italy to life in all our specialty dishes. The bold and satisfying taste of Italian cuisines combined with a palette full of flavours welcomes you to an Italian extravaganza. Italian food is all about a celebration of produce, garnished with olive oil and generous cheese! Our menu complements every occasion and taste; whether it is the freshly made pastas, premium meats tossed with Italian sauces or the wood-fired pizzas. Indulge in the traditional Italian cuisines with a modern twist at Pippin Hot.


An Oriental Enchantment

Pippin Hot offers one-of-a-kind Pan-Asian specialities including appetizers, salads, soups, stir-fry, traditional Asian noodles and a lot more. Our dinner selection includes vegetarian, meat and seafood specialties along with the great Asian hospitality. Be it the traditional Thai curry and rice, the spicy Indian delicacies or the South-east Asian sauces, you can head out on a culinary adventure while enjoying our Asian treats.


A Flavourful Destination

Discover the cultural heritage of China on your plate at Pippin Hot. A selection of some of the finest Chinese recipes invites you to pamper your taste buds with unmatched flavours. Chinese cuisine is renowned throughout the world for its beautiful balance of colour, texture and presentation. We give additional emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and prepare them with a mix of tradition and innovation. Sip some wonton soup, savour the delicious Hakka noodles or enjoy a bowl of fried rice; a spoonful is enough to take you to China!

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